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We truly believe that people are the most important aspect of our business. That is inclusive of our patients, staff, and health care providers. Everyone deserves to be seen as a person. We desire to build character into ourselves as we constantly evolve and change to better care for each other. Wealth is about health, time with family, community, and stability. We strive to create wealth in our community, one patient at a time. Our providers actively engage with their patients to ensure the best outcomes, for medical and non-medical issues.  

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The name “Living Tree” for a healthcare entity is unusual, but it is precisely what we intend to grow and develop over the years in the practice of medicine and healthcare of the individual who enters into one of our clinics.  We have foremost in our minds and hearts the importance of the relationship of trust which people require when they request medical care and assistance from a healthcare provider.  We believe that the aspects of healthcare are like a living tree in the growth, beauty, and strength it provides to others.  

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Wealth is about health, time with family, community, and stability. We offer a medical subscription service to cover most of your day to day needs.


First, a strong tree needs good ground to be able to receive the nourishment it requires to grow. There is no better ground to plant and develop roots than in this community.

Second, our roots are grounded in the idea of understanding our “why” of what we do.  Our “whys” consist of making a difference and genuinely caring for people.  We want to develop character and strength in our providers and our patients so as to meet the present-day challenges of life and health.  Our goals are not to make money, but to create wealth.  True wealth for people consists of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health which will allow them to create a life for themselves in any way they individually desire.  These are our roots.

Third, our trunk, our core, of this tree are the founders of the medical group and our philosophy and desire to be contributors to society and make life better for others.  The goal is not to get gains for ourselves, but to make gains for others and make life better for those in our community. Success comes when those we mentor and help, in turn, mentor and help others.

Fourth, the branches of this tree are the many healthcare providers and staff that make up our beautiful tree.  Like the many physicians, nurse-practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, medical assistants, receptionists, and clerical office staff, a strong, healthy tree does not have every branch the same.  They vary in their shape, depth, strength, size, and reach.  In order to have a strong tree, you need different branches to provide balance and symmetry.  At times pruning occurs with continuing medical education and process improvement, which helps with the overall growth of the branches.

The fifth, and final aspect of a healthy tree is the leaves and fruit it can produce.  We know that by the “fruit” of what we produce here at Living Tree Medical Group, people will know what we are about and how we approach healthcare.  We hope all patients experience the healthy and great flavor of the “fruit” we provide in all medical and healthcare needs.

We are like a living tree and will continue to grow with the help of our providers and patients working together to create a healthcare experience that will make us all strong, healthy, and able to improve our community in the future.