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Living Tree Medical

Family Practice and Urgent Care

Qualified Providers

Our providers have a wide range of clinical experience ranging from Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants and Doctors.

Urgent Care

Our centers provide convenient and high-quality care for a variety of common illnesses and injuries.

Extended Hours

Our Urgent care is open from 9am-9pm Monday through Saturday.

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Your Wellness is Our Priority

We truly believe that people are the most important aspect of our business. That is inclusive of our patients, staff, and health care providers. Everyone deserves to be seen as a person. We desire to build character into ourselves as we constantly evolve and change to better care for each other. Wealth is about health, time with family, community, and stability. We strive to create wealth in our community, one patient at a time. Our providers actively engage with their patients to ensure the best outcomes, for medical and non-medical issues. 

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Focused on Providing Care for Our Community

Patient Portal

Need to review important information?  Access our Patient Portal on your Computer or Mobile Device.

Family Practice

Medical care expenses must be primarily to alleviate or prevent a physical or mental defect or illness. 

Urgent Care

X-rays, lab testing, prescriptions, minor injuries, illnesses and other same day walk-in appointments.

Covid Testing and Vaccinations

Ask us about COVID-19 tests and Vaccinations at your next visit.


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Latest News and Research

We are like a living tree and will continue to grow with the help of our providers and patients working together to create a healthcare experience that will make us all strong, healthy, and able to improve our community in the future.    

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Green Tree Logo Emblem

Caring For The Health And Well Being Of You And Your Family.

Seeking out medical treatment and urgent care can be overwhelming. Especially when you’re trying to rush to get that care. We want you to have the peace of mind that we are here for you and your family whenever you need us.